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Environmentally Friendly Knife Sharpening Service

For some reason, when people decide to be more conscious of their spending and purchase environmentally friendly products and services, they leave out the smaller things like the maintenance of cutlery and kitchen utensils.

What we mean is that, when it comes to clothes and other apparel, we make sure to be conservative and conscious about our choices and recycle them through donation. But when it comes to smaller things like kitchenware, we decide to throw them out and purchase new ones the moment we see some wear and tear on them. Knives are the utensils that are most frequently in use.

The average adult spends more than 3 hours of their day cooking and eating, which means that knives get used a lot. From professional chefs who spend their entire day in the kitchen, chopping and slicing, to domestic cooks who spend hours preparing dinner for their family; they all use knives frequently. This is why their blades get worn out and blunt quickly.

As a solution, many people just throw their knives away and buy new ones, when instead they can get them sharpened and save money. Getting your knife sharpened by a professional is a much cheaper option than going out to buy a new set of good quality knives. Buying a new knife can cost you anywhere from £50 to £1,000, while getting someone to reshape and sharpen the blade costs about £8.62 per knife.

Getting your knives sharpened becomes a better choice as besides being affordable, it is also environmentally friendlier. Imagine how much litter would be added to the overburdened environment if everyone around the world started to throw their knives away after a few months and bought new ones. But if you purchase a good quality knife once and sharpen it every few months, then you can use it for a few years before it completely wears down.

As per the theories and beliefs of circular economy, it would be better overall for the world if people used their belongings for a long period of time, or until they are not longer serviceable. Knives are not excluded from this discussion. Getting a professional to service your blade regularly – can extend the knife’s life and you can get the most use out of it.

So, by getting someone to sharpen your knives instead of throwing them away and purchasing new ones every few months, you can save a lot of money and be a friend to the environment.

With our company built around this belief, we offer our customers the best knife sharpening services around London, making sure they get the most out of their knives at affordable rates. Our trained team uses modern equipment to sharpen different sorts of straight edged blades. Whether you need hundreds of knives sharpened for a hotel kitchen, or a few knives from your personal one, we provide our services to all. When you hire our services, you don’t even have to leave your house. Our expert comes to your door with their tools and sharpens your knives right there and then. Coming to your premises at a time that suits you, we make sure to restore your blunt knives to a ‘brand new’ sharpness.

We Sharpen All Types And Brands Of Knives …

Bread knives and Domestic Scissors too!

How to book our Knife Sharpening Service

To receive the world-class services provided by London Sharpening Service, simply go to our website and fill in the booking form with a date and time that suits you. It normally takes us about 2 minutes to sharpen a knife, which will be done at your convenience on your doorstep.
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Domestic knife sharpening services start at a standard minimum price of £79, which includes eight kitchen knives, and any additional knives are sharpened for £5.50 each. London Sharpening Service can re-tip and re-shape any damaged or chipped blades at your doorstep with no extra cost. There are no hidden charges, and payments are made on-site after the service has been delivered. Make a Booking.

We love to keep it simple and easy for comercial Customers, knives will be brought back to life for £6.90 each, with a minimum of ten knives per visit (£79). Discounts are even available for regular monthly customers. Our service provides full coverage of Zones 1 to 6, just book online we will come to your doorstep. Make a Booking.

London Sharpening Service is a specialised mobile knife sharpening company. We operate across London within zones 1 to 6.

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