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One of the utensils that are of utmost importance in preparation of ingredients is the knife. However cliché and stereotypically charged image it creates, a chef or cook relies on a sharp and efficient knife as much as they rely on their skills.

Whether you see chefs in movies, TV series, cooking shows or in real life, you would likely see a utensil bag filled with an arsenal of sharp and high-quality knives. This personal collection of knives is incredibly important to them as they use only these to prepare their ingredients.

One of the most common types of blade you will in a chef’s knife collection is known as the Global Knife. Global knives have stamped blades that are razor sharp, which are obtained by sharpening the edge at an angle between 12 to 14 degrees. The result of this sharpening is an incredibly thin blade that requires a serious precaution when it comes to using it non-professionally.

Since the blade is specially designed to be sharp and last a longer time than regular chef’s knives, most culinary professionals make it their choice of utensil. These chefs and culinary professionals then use different sizes of Global Knives for different purposes in their kitchens. Although the blades of Global Knives are designed to last a prolonged period of time, they still require a sharpening at least once or twice every year.

What’s interesting is that many Domestic chefs toss out their blades at the first sight of bluntness and don’t consider getting them sharpened at all. This is important because Global Knives do not come cheap, as only one knife can cost a couple of hundred pounds. If we average two blunt blades in a year, the cost of buying a single replacement knife  year would be anywhere between £ 200 to 300.

A simple solution to this problem is available. Instead of throwing away blunt knives just get them sharpened professionally. Getting a knife sharpening service to come and service your blade to its original sharpness is a much cheaper alternative than buying new ones. Like we said above, a new Global Knife can cost you hundreds of pounds, getting them sharpened will only cost £ 5,50 per blade. This way you’ll be able to save hundreds of pounds and extend the longevity of your Global Knives.

Getting your Global Knives sharpened is a more effective choice as it along with being affordable, it also better for the environment. Instead of contributing litter and waste to an already overburdened environment, you will be playing a small role in saving the earth just a little bit. As per the circular economy theory, you will be doing a favour for the overall economy and environment as you use your belongings for the maximum of lifespan.

Our company holds form to these theories and offer customers a Global Knives sharpening services at affordable rates. Based in London, we offer domestic and professional or commercial Global Knife sharpening services that restore the blade’s sharpness and extend its life. Customers can order our service online and without having to come to us, get their knives professionally sharpened. Our team, equipped with modern tools will come at your doorstep and reshape your blade to a new sharpness at affordable rates. If you are in need of a knife sharpening service based in London,book our service and we will take care of your blades.(We can re-tip and remove chips in your Global knives at Not extra charge,Repairs are included in the price of sharpening.

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12/7 availabilability, our service is available Monday to Sunday from 8am to 7pm. Easy online booking, simply select date&time in the booking calendar. Our service will be at your doorstep at the time instructed, it is as simple as that!



Whether you are a small independent business, a restaurant, a pub, a hotel, other professional catering facility or a private domestic customer, we will come to you to sharpen your knives



With over 20 years of experience We have invested in top quality machinery to provide your business with a professional sharpening service enabling you to prolong the life of your knives



No hidden costs,call out charge or vat extra on top,we are clear and up front about Prices,the rate we quote is the rate you pay,our price is affordable and suit every Pocket.


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