Knife Sharpeners UK

There is nothing more satisfying than slicing through a medium rare  fillet steak like butter, In contrast there is nothing more frustrating than trying to cut  into a steak with a dull knife.

The steak knife is JUST as important as the quality of the steak itself. Guests should never struggle to cut through their steaks, not only it is frustrating but it takes away from Restaurants appeal and dinning experience.

London Sharpening Service provides steak knives sharpening for the Hospitality industry across London.

Don`t  replace your quality steak knives. Re-sharpen them, it is greener and cheaper too.


The costs are upon the blade length. We charge 40 Pence (incl.VAT) per blade inch (2,5 cm).  For example, to sharpen a steak knife with a 4 inch blade will cost you £1,60.(incl.VAT)

Bulk discounts will be applied based on the number of knives:

  • More than 25 knives      10% discount
  • More than 50 knives      15% discount
  • More than 75 knives      20% discount
  • More than 100 knives    25% discount

Feel free to contact us using the enquiry form below to request a free quote visit to your premises. We`ll also sharpen a first sample steak knife for free  beforehand.

Steak Knives Enquiry Form

Please note we only sharpen straight edge steak  knives (we don`t sharpen serrated steak knives )

Our service in on-site ( it takes less than 1 minute per knife ),we do not collect knives for sharpening,

For Restaurants we have a reasonable minimum service of 20 steak knives.