Commercial Service

Our mobile service is available for the catering industry 7 days a week. Whether you need a regular service or just a one-off visit, get in touch. We can sharpen most makes and styles of kitchen knives. We can also re-tip and shape damaged knives.The full knife sharpening service takes just a few minutes, without disrupting the kitchen’s operations. Blunt knives are the single most common cause of commercial kitchen injuries, making it imperative to ensure that knives are sharp all year round.

We Sharpen All Types And Brands Of Knives …

Price …

We like to keep our Price simple and clear. We charge £5.90 per knife , any size or length. Plus an additional discount for customers demanding a regular monthly service. This Price included re-tip and re-shape damaged and chipped blades with no extra cost.

We also sharpen a first  sample knife beforehand.

For commercial customers we have a reasonable minimum service of 10 knives per visit.
Payments are made on-site after the service is delivered. We accept cash, cards, Apple pay, Samsung pay, Google pay, cheques and BACS payments.


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