Most people don`t think about  sharpening  knives until  they are completely blunt and useless,

becoming a very  unsafe and dangerous tools.

( blunt knives are the single  most common cause of commercial kitchen injuries ).

At this point the use  of a sharpening still is completely useless and will not help to create a new edge in your knives.

Then ,  is when you can  ask Yourself  …..  Do my knives need a professional knife sharpening service ?

The answer is  Yes ,    They Do.

Commercial sharpening services are always available,the technique has change throughout the years.

In the past the use of aggressive grinding over the blades used to cause excessive sharpening and rapid loss o blade.

Todays`s sharpening service technology is already providing a better and less aggressive system.

The most modern machinery used spiral interlocking wheels system,coated with C.B.N

( Cubic Boron Nitride )

C.B.N abrasive high tech is very fast and efficient,the knives do not become overheated during sharpening, and so the use of coolant is not required, cool sharpening.

This system prevents excessive sharpening and rapid loss of blade.

At London Sharpening Service we have invested in top quality machinery to provide your business with a professional

sharpening service enabling you to prolong the life of your knives.